Well Tests & Septic Inspections

At Trinity Water and Septic, we offer on-site Flow test, to determine the GPM, Depth. We also do a well inspection as we are there to check pump quality and pressure system, which is important when it comes to Buying Real Estate Property. We also provide septic system inspections as well. 

While it's a small investment, these tests can save you a fortune down the road. When making one of the biggest purchase of your life, it's best to know exactly what is happening with your well and septic before hand so your not left with any surprises!

Septic inspections are beyond the scope of a standard home inspection as training and knowledge of private sewage systems are not required of a certified home inspector. 

It is common for some home inspectors and plumbers to offer a stress or dye test as part of their service when inspecting homes. This involves nothing more than flushing a colored dye a toilet or other drain with a large volume of water. It does not find septic failures or questionable site conditions that are not already obvious to experienced inspectors. 

Septic systems are not designed to handle the large volume of water commonly used to perform these so called stress and dye tests, and may in fact be harmful to a system that was in good working condition prior to the test. We do not recommend a stress or dye test for septic inspections.

We are certified through Alberta Onsite Waste Water Management Association. 

You can have peace of mind knowing our certified inspectors have the experience and knowledge to complete a thorough inspection and report.

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Doesn't matter if you are a private homeowner, purchasing / selling a property, in a commercial location, agriculture businesses etc, we are able to help you out!

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Water Quality Testing

At Trinity Water and Septic, providing you with clean quality drinking water is one of our top priorities. We highly encourage and recommend getting your Water Source tested. If your water comes from a water well, cistern, dugout we highly recommend getting tested.

E Coli: E. coli is a type of fecal coliform bacteria commonly found in the intestines of animals and humans. E. coli is short for Escherichia coli. The presence of E. coli in water is a strong indication of recent sewage or animal waste contamination.

Coliform Bacteria: Coliforms are a broad class of bacteria found in our environment, including the feces of man and other warm-blooded animals. The presence of coliform bacteria in drinking water may indicate a possible presence of harmful, disease-causing organisms.

The above testing needs to be done in a laboratory. You can contact us to set up an appointment to get this testing done. We come out with Sample Bottles and take the water directly from the source and send it in for results. 

This testing does come with a Laboratory Fee which varies depending on the exact testing required/requested. Results take 6 days to come back but can be rushed up to 24-36 hours.

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Understanding your Chemical Test results

Understanding your chemical test results (pdf)