Stock Waterers & Hydrants


Looking to get a stock waterer installed or serviced?

You've come to the right place!

We are able to do everything from start to finish. We are an authorized Ritchie dealer. We use quality Ritchie Waterers, preformed concrete pads and use all brass fittings to ensure that your new waterer will last a lifetime.

Whether you are watering 1 horse or 100 cows we got you covered.

These waterers will more than pay for themselves in the energy savings you'll have versus running a stock tank & heater. Ritchie waterers come in best in the industry 10 year warranty. 

Frost-free yard hydrants are installed to provide water to various locations in the farmyard during all seasons of the year. They are manufactured and installed in such a way that they will operate throughout the winter without auxiliary heat.

They are great for year-round use and don't freeze up when used properly during the winter.

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                               Click here to read about Ritchie's 10 year warranty.

What our customers are saying

 These guys did such an amazing job with this install. Fast and professional! I wanted to attempt this myself but quickly realized it was a much bigger job than I could do. They gave me my quote and were out to install within the week. I couldn't be happier!!  

- Chrystal

My waterer couldn't be better, he landscaped everything so you'd never know a trench had just been dug. He gave me prompt service, at a very reasonable price so this old gal won't have to piss around with hoses and tank heaters this winter. I highly recommend them for quality and reasonably priced water services.

- Margret-Ann