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Septic Design & Installation

Experts in rural water system, filtration & septic.  If you are building a new acreage or farm we can take care of septic system. Taking care of the permits and inspections along the way.  Your wastewater treatment is a major part of your home planning, and should be done before construction starts.  

There is no template for wastewater systems. Each home is different and each system should be designed accordingly. 

We are certified to design a qualifying system that will protect your water and your property, and that the county office will accept for installation. With proper planning and ongoing maintenance, you can be assured a trouble-free system for many years.  

Two options when getting started... we can design the wastewater system for you and your installer can install your system for you or we can do everything for you start to finish and sit back knowing everything is taken care of.

Download Septic Assessment Form on the right hand side which needs to be filled out and sent in to

Financing available.

What do I get with a Certified Design?

You will get a complete document that is ready to submit for an application for permit for septic system. 

This includes: 

 💧   A detailed report on the site conditions and soil information

 💧   Details on suggested components (tanks, pumps, etc)

 💧   Detailed blueprints of entire system and layout

 💧   Designer's notes

 💧   Additional permit information

Please download and complete the Homeowner Declaration Form and submit it to

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 We were very happy with the septic install done under tight timelines by the good people at Trinity Water and Septic. The job was scheduled and the communication of next steps was outstanding. We received much support and any questions were anticipated and answered in a patient manner, and very promptly. All aspects of the install were quickly and efficiently dealt with.  

- Danny F

 We had Trinity install a septic tank this summer and they were fantastic! Had a very detailed quote, stuck to the budget, had great communication along the way with scheduling. They were extremely professional and friendly, a pleasure to work with! 

- Kyle J

Repairs and Servicing

If you are having issues with your septic system we are able to troubleshoot the problem and fix or replace whatever components are in need of attention. 

Same Day Service, Guaranteed!

We will get your system up and running effectively. 

We also inspect septic and water systems for real estate transactions, ensuring that new owners have peace of mind going into there new purchase. Click here for more information on flow tests.

Book your inspection online today.

If you are needing a new system, a repair, inspection or even just advice, feel free to give us a call.


Septic Tank Pump Out

Septic Tank Pump Out

Is your septic tank due for a pump out?

It is recommended to get your tank pumped out every 3 years for most systems unless designed otherwise. Older places typically have smaller tank sizes and we recommend you get them pumped out more regularly. 

You don't even need to be home and there isn't much you can do to prepare ahead of time. We can arrange payment over the phone so that you don't have to take time out of your day to meet us. 

Ask us to be set up on a regular pumping schedule, so you don't have to worry about forgetting. We also offer full septic services - including repairs, maintenance, designs and installs.

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