Smart Home Water Monitoring and Leak Protection System

The best way to avoid water damage is to prevent it. Flo does it all.


💧 Proactive 24/7 monitoring with preventative alerts to avoid catastrophic damage

💧 Mobile app with real-time notifications and water usage analysis

💧 Remote shut off from wherever you are

💧 Automatic shut off if Flo senses a catastrophic leak in home

💧 Monitor water usage, water flow, pressure & temperature in real time

💧 Proactive maintenance alerts (before there’s a leak)

💧 Learns water use and identifies all leaks, anywhere in your home


Flo Does It all


Plumbing doesn’t last forever.

Don’t wait until you suffer water damage.

Take control of your water bill by real-time water usage monitoring!

Take control of your water with the app!

In the dashboard see how much water you’re consuming with daily trends. Set conservation goals to encourage saving water and money. Going out of town or filling your pool? Adjust your mode to Away or Sleep so the system can better protect.

Fixture Usage* Ever wondered where all that water is going? See your water usage like never before: by fixture type, when those fixtures run, how long and how many times. Flo’s machine learning and artificial intelligence categorizes your water use and gives you detailed water usage data. 

Alerts  allow you to get all of your pending alerts in real-time through your Flo app. Now you’re in control. Get detailed information, troubleshoot the issue, shut-off the water, get help, and more. 


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We are able to come to install these for you* or provide you with the device for you to install.

We also can ship these devices all over Canada. Contact us to request installation or with any questions.